Availability of Contrave

Being a more than serious problem for people of all ages around the world obesity not only complicates people’s lives by preventing them from engaging in the activities they like, but also causes a number of severe health-related problems.

There have been designed many medications meant to help people fight excessive weight, but not all of them are equally efficient.

In 2014 Orexigen Therapeutics announced the availability of Contrave – a newly-developed medicine prescribed to overweight and obese people.

If the person’s Body Mass Index reaches 27 or exceeds this limit, the person is considered to have excessive weight and is eligible to take Contrave weight loss medication.

This extended-release drug has been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and has undergone a number of serious studies and trials that showed how exactly the drug works and what side effects are likely to appear in the patients taking it.

Fighting obesity has always been a hard task to succeed in and even harder it is to keep the weight off once the person has managed to lose some weight. As opposed to some other weight-management medications, Contrave helps people achieve both.

The President of Takeda Pharmaceuticals, the marketing partner of Orexigen Therapeutics, announced that they are very proud because they have the opportunity to offer people not only the drug that is able to fight obesity, but also additional benefits that can help people save money on the medication. As it is a medicine that should be taken for a long period of time, Contrave cost can be quite considerable, but the patients who are eligible for the Scale Down program and Contrave Direct Save can benefit from substantial discounts. Such an approach is meant to support people who are struggling with excessive weight and help them make their way through this process. The patients who participate in the Scale Down program can benefit from the mobile assistance and receive individual texts that are based on their weigh-in. The patients who are eligible for the Contrave Direct Save program are able to purchase the medication at the lowest available price and can also order a home delivery of the drug. The patients also start saving money from the third consecutive refill of the medication.

Another possibility to save on Contrave cost is the Pharmacy Savings Card that is offered to eligible patients.

Full information on Contrave as well as on the numerous saving programs can be found on the www.contrave.com webpage.

The availability of Contrave in a big number of pharmacies as well as online drug stores is great news for the people who suffer from excessive weight all over the world. However, every patient who is prescribed this medication should be aware that this drug is not to be taken thoughtlessly. Contrave is a prescription medication that has a number of side effects that make it contraindicated to the patients with certain health problems.

Before starting the treatment one should address a physician who will assess whether the patient should be prescribed Contrave and whether the possible risks to their health are minimal.

One of the ingredients contained in Contrave is Bupropion that is used in depression treatments. However, Contrave should not be taken to cure any kind of depressive and psychiatric disorders. Contrave is known to increase the risks of depression and suicidal thoughts. The patient can also experience sudden changes in behavior, mood swings or aggressiveness, so if the person has a history of these conditions, they should either avoid taking Contrave, or their treatment should be closely monitored by a qualified physician. The relatives of the person undergoing the treatment with Contrave should be aware of these possible side effects and if the changes in the patient’s behavior become obvious, the relatives should make sure the patient stops taking the pills and addresses their doctor.

It should be pointed out that Contrave is not approved for the treatment of underage patients.

Contrave is contraindicated in some categories of patients with certain medical conditions because of high risks to their health.

Patients with uncontrolled high blood pressure are not to be prescribed Contrave weight loss drug. The same applies to the people who suffered from seizures in the past or still suffer from this medical condition as Contrave can provoke the apparition of seizures. Contrave is also contraindicated in people diagnosed with any kind of eating disorder both in the past and at present. In addition to this Contrave should not be taken by those patients who have suddenly stopped drinking alcohol (in case they had been drinking excessively for a long period of time), those taking opioids or the patients who are currently taking other drugs containing Bupropion.

Contrave is strictly contraindicated in pregnant or breastfeeding women.

People with heart-related problems should be very careful while taking Contrave. The medication is known to raise blood pressure and increase heart rate.

Patients who suffer from type 2 diabetes should also be aware of the fact that the risk of hypoglycemia can increase if the person is undergoing a treatment with Contrave.

Among other Contrave side effects there are nausea, dizziness, headaches, constipation, diarrhea and vomiting.

Before the start of treatment the patient should give their doctor as much information as possible about their health condition, the disorders they have or had in the past, as well as about all the drugs they are taking or took during the last two weeks as Contrave might bring about some undesired side effects if combined with certain medications.

If you were prescribed Contrave, make sure you follow all the instructions given by the physician and do not increase or minimize the dose at your own will.

Contrave is a medication that will not yield the desired results if the patient is counting on the medication alone. It should be used as a supplement to a healthy diet and will be much more efficient if the patient exercises regularly.