Contrave FAQ

In 2014 the weight-loss pill Contrave was officially approved by the Food and Drug Administration and became available in the pharmacies all around United States. When combined with lifestyle changes Contrave ER is considered one of the best ways to lose weight for obese patients.

The medication is, however, a serious one and is only available with a doctor’s prescription. That, in turn, may raise many questions from patients. That is why we have gathered answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding the obesity treatment with Contrave weight loss pill.

What are the ingredients of Contrave?

Contrave Extended-Release tablets are used to treat obesity and in certain cases overweight. This drug is a combination of two other medications that exist separately: bupropion (Wellbutrin) and naltrexone. Both are approved by the FDA and are available in the US pharmacies.

However, when used separately, the drugs treat different kinds of health conditions. For instance, naltrexone is used to help people manage various addictions, while bupropion is an antidepressant (which means it can cause side effects common to various antidepressants).

How does Contrave work?

Contrave ER was developed to help people lose weight. However, it does not mean that the drug is a fat burning pill. Instead, Contrave focuses on preventing you from gaining this fat in the first place.

There are certain parts in our brain that are responsible for the feeling of hunger, satiety and experiencing cravings for different foods. Contrave diet pill basically stimulates these parts of the brain, reducing the appetite and cravings.

This effect is produced by the actions of the two components at the same time. For instance, naltrexone is believed to block the certain parts of the brain, while bupropion helps maintain higher levels of dopamine (chemical that is responsible for the feelings of reward and pleasure) in the Central Nervous System.

In simple words, Contrave weight-loss pills work by stimulating the receptors in the brain in such way, that you feel less hungry.

Am I eligible to take Contrave ER?

The body mass index (BMI) is the measure of the amount of fat in the body, which is calculated using height and weight of a patient (both male and female).

In order to get an approximate body mass index, one should follow the formula. However, to get a more accurate assessment (as all bodies are different), one can use the special BMI machine.

Contrave is only prescribed to obese patients. Obesity is now defined as having a body mass index higher than 30. Sometimes, Contrave weight loss pills can be also prescribed to overweight patients (with the min BMI – 27) who also suffer from an obesity-related health condition.

Make sure to inform your doctor about any health problems you have and discuss your medication options.

What are the contraindications of Contrave?

Contrave ER is contraindicated for pregnant women, or women who plan to get pregnant in near future. The medication should also not be taken by women who breastfeed.

You must not take Contrave diet pills if you have uncontrolled hypertension (high blood pressure). The drug can raise the risks of making the condition even worse and can cause serious health problems.

Contrave weight loss pills should also not be taken by patients who have seizures or who have experienced a seizure at some point in their life.

Furthermore, Contrave is contraindicated to patients who either suffer or have suffered from any eating disorders.

Contrave is not intended to be taken by people who consume a lot of alcohol and who stopped abruptly. Nor should it be taken by patients who are dependent on opioid pain medicines, who have taken medicines called monoamine oxidase inhibitors and who have allergies to the medication components.

What are the Contrave side effects?

During the clinical trials of Contrave, the most common side effect was reported to be nausea – around 34% of patients complained about it. Other commonly reported Contrave side effects include: headaches, dry mouth, dizziness, insomnia, constipation and diarrhea.

One of the medication components (bupropion HCl) can cause some people to get suicidal thoughts, depression and abnormal behaviors. Be sure to note any changes and inform your family and friends, so that they are attentive to your changes as well.

Contrave diet pill can cause more severe side effects, such as liver damage and failure, problems with vision, low blood sugar and others. Make sure you carefully read the label or ask your healthcare provider.

Contrave price

The Contrave cost will depend on the kind of medical insurance that you have. Also, there are saving coupons and saving programs available on the official website of Contrave.

If none of the saving options are available for you, Contrave price may be as much as $210 a month.

How much weight can I lose with Contrave ER?

According to several randomized clinical trials, patients are expected to lose at least 5% of their body weight after the period of 56 weeks.

To a person who weighs 200 pounds (about 90 kg), 5% would be equal to 10 pounds (around 4.5 kg).

And while this number might appear small in comparison with the desired results, healthcare providers and researchers state that even such amount of weight lost can significantly lower the risks of developing obesity-related health problems.

Can the drug help me lose weight without dieting?

Contrave weight loss pills are prescribed to obese and overweight patients together with significant lifestyle changes. The latter include a low-calorie diet and regular exercising.

Contrave diet pill was developed to assist patients in losing weight, especially when they struggle to do so using diet and exercise only. So the best way to lose weight would be the combination of the drug, the diet and being more active in everyday life.

By itself, the drug will not give you the anticipated results and, therefore, will simply not be worth taking.

Can I lose weight fast with Contrave?

The efficacy of the drug was proven by several randomized clinical trials. All of them lasted for at least a year. That period was chosen for a reason – as it is enough to show the significant results.

The weight loss is, in fact, a difficult process. To put this in perspective, think about it this way: it takes patients years to gain the extra weight. Gaining weight, in its turn, is usually easier than losing it. Therefore, patients won’t be able to lose a significant amount of weight over the course of a month.

Furthermore, researchers and doctors believe that the right motivation for losing weight and maintaining it is represented by one’s health, and not some event in near future. Patient’s good health is the foremost priority, when they are prescribed Contrave weight loss drug.

How to take Contrave diet pills?

If you are got Contrave ER prescription, make sure to carefully follow the indications given by your doctor.

Your Contrave dosing will change during the first month. You will slowly increase the dose to get the best results and avoid the Contrave side effects as much as possible.

It is recommended to follow a chart or a schedule and mark every time you take your pill – this way you will be sure to not miss a dose and to not take too much.

Contrave ER tablets should be taken with a meal. However, by all means avoid taking the pill together with a meal that is high in fat. That could interfere with the absorption of the medication and bring about the unwanted consequences.

Take half of your daily dose in the morning and the other half in the evening. And if you happen to miss a dose, do not take more than when your next time comes.

To take the tablets – swallow them whole with some water, do not chew them. Do not cut or crush the tablets.

Avoid drinking too much alcohol during the treatment with Contrave diet pills.

If you happen to take too much of Contrave, contact your doctor or the closest emergency room immediately.

How to store Contrave tablets?

Store the medication in a dry place, away from moisture and heat. Make sure the temperature in the storage does not exceed the normal room temperature.

Keep the medication away from children and make sure no one else is taking the pills without a doctor’s prescription. Contrave is not a federally controlled substance, but it can be extremely dangerous.

Is Contrave better than other diet pills?

There are three weight loss drugs legally available in the US, including Contrave diet pill. There still haven’t been any trials to compare the three options. All three drugs are approved by the FDA and proven to be effective.

However, some people respond better to certain kind of medication and not so much to others. Therefore, Contrave is regarded as an effective option for helping patients lose weight.

In conclusion, Contrave is an effective medication that can help treat obesity. However, it is essential that you get the prescription from a certified professional as the medication is a serious one and can be harmful.