How does Contrave work?

A great number of people in all the countries of the world are nowadays confronted with the problem of excessive weight and many of them seem to be fighting a losing battle here. However, medical industry is now capable of helping these people achieve very good results in what concerns weight loss. It must be pointed out that this process requires a complex approach. Today qualified physicians prescribe certain medications to the patients who were not capable to lose weight only with the help of a healthy diet. In 2014 after several years of clinical studies a new medication designed to fight obesity was approved by the U.S.A. Food and Drug Administration.

Contrave weight loss pill is designed for use in adults whose Body Mass Index (BMI) mounts up to 27 or more (overweight) and for those whose BMI reaches 30 or more (obese).

Contrave contains two types of drugs that are generally used for medical conditions unrelated to excessive weight. Naltrexone is a drug that is used to treat medical conditions that involve substance abuse, while Bupropion is prescribed to the patients who are fighting depressions. However unrelated to weight loss these drugs might be, their combination was proved to be an effective tool in fighting obesity.

The researchers who evaluated the results of clinical studies on Contrave have all concluded that the medication reduces people’s appetite, thus minimizing the quantity of food the patient needs daily. Of course, Contrave is not the only weapon a person needs to fight obesity. Greater results are achieved if the medication is combined with a healthy diet and increased physical activity. However, it was demonstrated that it is a revolutionary medicine as it is changing the chemistry of the brain, it doesn’t only suppress food carvings, it also lowers the pleasure overweight people often find in consuming large amounts of food. All this makes Contrave a very promising weapon for the people who have been fighting obesity for a long time, but with no success.

As excessive weight is not a newly-appeared problem, many drugs meant to fight obesity have been developed during the lat 100 years, but the majority of them were declared ineffective or unsafe for people’s use. Contrave, on the other hand, received the approval as it differed from the other drugs by two main criteria. First of all, its two main ingredients are the drugs that have been previously approved by the FDA and secondly, Contrave underwent a number of detailed studies and clinical trials at the request of the FDA.

The trials involved 4,500 men and women of different age with various weight-related medical conditions. The treatment lasted for a year. One of the trials resulted in 42% of people losing not less than 5% of their weight as compared to the 17% of the patients from the placebo group.  This study involved people without diabetes.

The next trial included people who suffered from diabetes, the result being the following: 36% of those who were treated with Contrave lost at least 5% of their body weight, while the rate of people who lost the same amount of weight from the placebo group constituted 18%. A certain number of patients in all the trial groups lost more than 5 % of their body weight.

Contrave weight loss drug is a medication used for obesity treatment in adults only and it should not be used for depressions or addictions treatment.

If after 12 weeks of treatment, low-calorie diet and physical exercise the patient doesn’t seem to have lost at least some of their weight, they should stop taking Contrave.

As Conrave is a prescription medicine, one should not take it without consulting a qualified specialist first. The doctor must first evaluate the patient’s initial health condition and assess whether they are eligible to be prescribed these pills.

The doctor will recommend the necessary dosage of the medication based on the patient’s medical condition. Although it may vary, the usual Contrave dosing is one pill every morning during the first week of treatment and it gradually increases every week till the fourth week. Starting with the fourth week the dosage doesn’t change and the patient should be taking 2 pills twice a day.

Like any other medications Contrave has certain side effects that the patient should be aware of before taking the drug.

Contrave should not be prescribed to the people who have or had seizures as the risk of having a seizure increases if the patient is taking Contrave.

Patients with any kind of eating disorders, pregnant and breastfeeding women should also not be treated with Contrave. The medication shouldn’t be prescribed to the people who have a drug addiction or are currently being treated for one, people with high blood pressure or the ones that are currently taking any kind of medicine that influences the central nervous system.

Among the side effects discovered during the clinical studies and trials are the following:

  • Dizziness
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Headaches
  • Insomnia
  • Depression
  • Agitation

Any unpleasant physical symptoms or changes in behavior or moral state of the patient should be reported to the doctor immediately.

Contrave should also not be taken by the patients who are allergic to one or several of the ingredients contained in the medication.

During the whole treatment period the patient should be under the supervision of the specialists who will monitor the person’s possible changes in health state.

The patient should not change the prescribed dosage without consulting their doctor as it may diminish the effects of the treatment as well as damage the patient’s health.