Weight loss with Contrave

In 2014 after a number of successfully completed clinical trials Orexigen Therapeutics, Inc released a new weight loss drug that has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration.

A big number of people who are fighting the problem of excessive weight are not able to control their weight without taking special medications. Contrave diet pill was designed especially for such people as it is able to help them lose some of their weight, as well as not allow them to gain in weight again for a certain period of time.

Contrave contains two major ingredients which are Bupropion and Naltrexonethe drugs that are also approved for use by the FDA. It was demonstrated that the combination of these medications which are separately used to cure completely different medical conditions leads to weight loss as they help lessen the patient’s urge to eat a large quantity of food every day.

The pills alone, though, are not capable to help people lose the desired amount of weight if they do not start a healthy diet and do not increase physical activity. Low-calorie meals, adequate exercise and the pills, however, have proved to be a very helpful tool in getting rid of excessive weight.

Bupropion is used to help fight depressions, while Naltrexone is a medication that is recommended for use in patients who are drug or smoking addicted. Although Contrave is a combination of both of these drugs, on no account should it be used to treat depressions or addictions of any type.

Before Contrave weight loss drug got the approval from the FDA, the manufacturer conducted several clinical trials of the medication in order to prove its effectiveness in what concerns weight loss. The trials haven’t shown that the drug actions as a fat burner, but due to the fact that it directly affects the nervous system of the patient, it suppresses their appetite and thus the quantity of food the person consumes daily is minimized considerably.

It is known that fast metabolism along with a raised body temperature usually leads to weight loss. Contrave is considered to raise the patient’s internal temperature and to be a metabolism stimulant which also helps the person lose weight.

When the trials were completed, the FDA analyzed their results and finally approved Contrave as a safe medication that can be available with a prescription.

Physicians who prescribe Contrave to the people suffering from excessive weight recommend to their patients to increase physical activity as they start the treatment and also to minimize the quantity of calories they consume daily because thus the medication will be much more efficient.

A lot of Contrave reviews one can find on the web contain various data as to what concerns the number of people who were involved in Contrave clinical trials. It is considered that overall the studies involved around 9000 of men and women above the age of 18.

The Body Mass Index of all the patients was 27 or more which means that they all were overweight or obese. In addition to this the trials involved patients with type 2 diabetes and patients with various cardiovascular problems. Apart from demonstrating the effectiveness of the drug, the manufacturer needed to establish whether the medication could considerably aggravate the heart-related problems.

The conclusions drawn after the completion of the trials are very promising.

The trials lasted for a year and 42% of the patients that belonged to the group treated with Contrave lost from 3% to 7% of their weight during this period. The patients who were given placebo pills did not show such good results – only 18% lost around 5% of their body weight.

Some of the patients stopped taking the pills before the end of the trials because of the side effects that were caused by the pills. The most commonly-encountered side effect was nausea.

Overall the manufacturer as well as the Food and Drug Administration were satisfied with the results of the trials as the side effects brought about by the pills did not exceed the acceptable limits.

However, possible Contrave side effects must be taken into account by both the patients and the physicians who prescribe the drug as some of them may be quite dangerous for the patients with certain medical conditions.

Commonly encountered side effects are nausea, vomiting, dizziness, headaches, insomnia.

Contrave is not to be taken by the patients below the age of 18.

Pregnant women, women who are planning a pregnancy in the nearest future or breastfeeding women should not be administered the pills.

People who are addicted to opioids or are currently being cured of the addiction should not take Contrave.

As Contrave is known to increase the risk of having a seizure, the patients with a seizure history should not be prescribed the drug.

Bupropion that is contained in Contrave pills may cause such changes in the patient’s behavior as aggressiveness, depressions, thoughts about suicide or even suicide attempts, so people with a history of mental disorders should not be cured with Contrave.

People with high blood pressure or those who suffer from high or low blood sugar should not take Contrave or take it only under the constant supervision of their physician.

Before starting the treatment with Contrave the patient should visit a specialist and undergo a medical examination in order to make sure that there are no serious contraindications for them to start taking the pills.

The patient should tell the doctor about any of the mentioned medical conditions or about any other afflictions that can be relevant.

The doctor should also be informed about all the drugs the patient is taking or has recently stopped taking as some medications should not be taken together with Contrave certain drug combinations might present great danger to the person’s health.

The effects of Contrave should be visible after 12 weeks of treatment. If after this period the person wasn’t able to lose some of their weight, they should stop the treatment with Contrave.